The Kibbutz

By Aileen Wilson. In December 1971, my husband Peter was employed by Athol Rusden (who used to run a boat service from Auckland to New Caledonia to the New Hebrides) to build some houses on a piece of... Read More

A child’s life

By Aileen Wilson. In addition to setting up and running the shop on Hideaway, I also looked after Joanne and the household – me and the housegirls. When she was about 3 years old Joanne went to Judy... Read More

At the crease

By Gordon Barlow. (An extract from an essay about cricket posted 16 October 2012). Most Scots are cheerful folk, but the race does produce some individuals who are dour, humourless and just plain cran... Read More

John Frum

By Gordon Barlow. (An extract from an essay about tax-havens posted 3 November 2010). Nearly thirty years ago my wife and I worked and lived in an archipelago in the South Pacific. One of the islands ... Read More