Of ships and planes

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By Tim Foster I seem to remember that in 1977 there were only four or five international flights per week into Bauer Field but I stand to be corrected. One of our pastimes was to go to the Airport and... Read More

Banking in Vila

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By Peter Robinson Over the two years that I worked for ANZ Bank in Vila there were some very interesting times to be had. One Saturday morning all the single guys were dragged out of their beds by the... Read More

The XXXX float

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By Peter Robinson The first big event that occurred after I arrived in Port Vila in 1975 was the Annual Agricultural Show. It was a great event which included a street parade with various floats. One ... Read More

Cricket in Vila 1975 – 1977

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By Peter Robinson I was privileged to live in Vila for 2 years from 1975 to 1977 and got to play a lot of cricket mainly on the British Paddock in Vila, right in front of the British Residency. I was ... Read More

Ambrym 1976

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By Tim Foster In October 1976 I made my first trip to an outer island. I was sent to Ambrym with Daniel Melen from the PWD design office, who was Acting Sub-Divisionnaire for CD No 1, to carry out a p... Read More

Epi Experience

By Tim Foster. In the 1976–1977 hot season two cyclones struck the New Hebrides group. One result was that the airstrip at Lamen Bay was damaged and put out of use. Luckily, Geoff Holman, a British ... Read More

Three trips to Tanna

By Tim Foster. As an engineer working for the Condominium Public Works Department I was responsible for overseeing operations in Southern District and Central District number one and I travelled to ot... Read More

The Kibbutz

By Aileen Wilson. In December 1971, my husband Peter was employed by Athol Rusden (who used to run a boat service from Auckland to New Caledonia to the New Hebrides) to build some houses on a piece of... Read More